International Composers Festival, 2018

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out on the 30th of November to celebrate Compfest's very first International Composers Festival!


At Compfest, we value community and collaboration.

When you come to our annual 'International Composers Festival' event, you will have the opportunity to network and meet other creative professionals within your industry and more!

As professionals in your field, music is as important as any part of what makes a good film, game, or practically anything that requires it.

Collaboration is essential in any creative field as we need each other to overcome the challenges of developing a career in our industries.

Win Prizes

Prizes awarded to the top three compositions, judged by leading professionals in the music and performing arts industry.

Catered for young composers/musicians including current and post VCE students, Compfest’s

purpose is to expose emerging composers to job opportunities through our competitions,

workshops and networking environments.


Hear from our leading professionals about what makes a good piece of music and the process that is involved in doing so.

As film makers, game makers and even composers, you'll get the chance to understand and listen to how important good, original music is for your project. 

Weather you are a composer or not, you'll learn a lot about the minds of musical creatives!


Our Judges

Warren Burt is a composer, performer, writer, video and graphic artist,

sound poet, performance artist and a few other things.  He was born in the

USA in 1949 and moved to Australia in 1975, where he helped set up the

Music Department at La Trobe University. 


He left La Trobe in 1981 and pursued a freelance career for 20 years, before returning to teaching. His works, mostly for electronic media, have been performed and broadcast all over the world.  Currently, he teaches and administrates in the Music Program at Box Hill Institute, as well as writing regular articles for, and composing his own work.

Lecturer in Music and Coordinator,

Postgraduate Degrees in Music,

Box Hill Institute.

Tracie Eastwood has more than 20 years of progressively successful and diversified experience in the performing arts including designing leading-edge curriculum, managing academic programs and  directing large-scale productions.  She is a performing arts consultant, presenter and Co-Head of Performing Arts at Beaconhills College.

Tracie has established creative partnerships with Arts Centre Melbourne and the First Call Fund engaging young people in opportunities such as Dancefloor and Lord of the Flies outreach programs receiving a grant provided by the Legacy Program and the William Buckland Foundation beyond project’s end.  

Co-Head of Performing Arts,

Beaconhills College.

In 2007, Andrián Pertout completed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at the University of Melbourne on Tweddle Trust, APA and MRS scholarships, studying composition under the guidance of Brenton Broadstock.

Composition awards include (but not limited to) the Jean Bogan Prize, ‘John Cage Centennial’ Wolf Museum of Music and Art Composition Prize (USA), Friends; Enemies of New Music Composition Prize (USA).

He is currently the President of the Melbourne Composers’ League (MCL) and Australian Delegate of the Asian Composers’ League (ACL). As well as being a freelance composer, he additionally works as composition lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne. His music has been performed in over forty countries by orchestras.

President of the Melbourne Composers' League, Australian Delegate of the Asian Composers’ League and

freelance composer.

Our Prizes

  1. An afternoon in the studio with music producer & mixer, Simon Moro.

  2. Automatic entry into our next competition.

This prize can be used for your choice of:

  • Production mentoring. (producing, mixing, mastering)

  • Feedback on your winning piece.

  • Career advice based on your goals.

  • Your choice of how you can get the most value out of the consult.

Software/Hardware (of your choosing) worth up to $350.

1 recording professionally mastered.

Valued at $250.

Get one recording of your choosing professionally mastered for radio and commercial use, by skilled audio engineer, Jerome Bellavance at Dream Big Audio Productions.

Our Supporters & Event Organisers

A massive THANK YOU to our event organisers and supporters for making this event come to fruition. We would not be able to do what we're doing without the help of you all!

  • Jynene Helland

  • Julia McInerheney

  • Barrett Owen

  • Andrea Colosio

  • Mica Camara

  • André Pereira

  • Ahjeong Yoo

  •  Salvatore Iacono 

  • Giulia Iacono

  • Monica Family

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