Created and organised by composers and music-makers, as well as directors from other various non-profit groups; Compfest International is dedicated to giving music composers in Australia and internationally a stage to express their voice and sound, and ultimately creating prospective job opportunities in their creative industries. 


We offer regular networking events to build lasting relationships with future colleagues. As well as yearly film and music festivals where our composers can broadcast their craft in front of other esteemed professionals. 

Compfest International Inc. also has a 'Pacific Youth Music Project' charity projects, where unused or unwanted musical instruments are shipped and given to less-fortunate youth in the Pacific Island nations.



Provide opportunities for emerging Australian and international composers to showcase their craft to the global community, and professionals in the field.

Provide a professional networking environment for emerging Australian and international composers, and expose them to job opportunities in their professional field. This includes opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, CALD communities, and individuals with disabilities.


The purpose of COMPFEST INTERNATIONAL INC. inc. is to:


  • Hold yearly composer festivals to showcase talent and expose them to job opportunities.

  • Hold yearly film festivals to showcase composers film scores.

  • Bring together composers and performing artists from multicultural backgrounds, including individuals with disabilities, to produce new music/recordings.

  • Hold educational and training workshops for emerging Australian and international composers.

  • Host networking events with composers and other professionals.

  • Publish, produce film and music on the internet.

  • Collect unused and unwanted music instruments for distribution within the island nations of the pacific.

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